Armored Gadgets

Grenade Survival Kit

The Friendly Swede (TM) Carabiner "Grenade" Survival Kit

Nope, it’s not a real grenade — instead The Friendly Swedes survival grenade is a compact survival kit featuring all of the most basic necessities that are hard to improvise or create in an emergency situation.

Inside the 7 feet superstrong (500lbs) paracord you’ll find a fire starter, tinder, 2 fishing hooks, with lines, weights and floats, a sharp knife blade, and a sheet of tin foil for cooking, signaling or heat reflection.

It only weighs around 1.6 ounces (45 grams) and clips on to either your backpack, belt or harness for the day that you actually need it.



Der Ziesel

Der Ziesel

Looking like the incredulous offspring of an M4 Sherman and a mobility scooter, the Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine is one seriously capable wheelchair vehicle.

Running on two electric motors producing 21 bhp and 30 pound feet (40 Nm) of torque this stupendous “tank chair” can handle snow, mud, sand and 60° inclinations on all sides without issue.

It’s packed with a 6kW batterypack, can roll around for 4-5 hours before charging and has a top speed of 22 MPH (35 km/t).





Ever been in a disaster/emergency area? Be it after hurricanes, earthquakes, 9/11 or even new years eve, local cellphone and wireless networks have a tendency to crumble when they are needed the most.

The goTenna enables you to communicate without any need for central connectivity whatsoever—no cell towers, no wifi, no satellites—so when you find yourself either in an emergency situation, or even off the grid/in the bush/off the beaten path you can remain connected to your buddies or loved ones.

The goTenna pairs easily (via Bluetooth) with your iOS or Android smartphone and gives you the ability to transmit messages or GPS coordinates via long range radio waves for up to 50 miles.

It’s currently on pre order for $150 for the pair with estimated retail price of $300/pair.



The Manliest Soap

Rocky Top Soap - The Grit

Tired of your hands smelling like rose petals, orange blossoms or whatever feminine fragrance happens to be added to the soap in your house?

Pick yourself up some real bars from Rocky Top Soap Shop for some truly unique, unscented soaps made from high quality, raw natural ingredients.

Try your hands on “The Grit”, packed with cornmeal, coffee grounds and black poppy seeds and see if those oils and dirt don’t come off easier than panties off a dead hooker, or check out any of the other real, oldschool bars they feature.



Top 5 Bug Out Bags

5.11 Rush 72 bug out bag

The Gaza strip is once again on fire, Russia is out land-grabbing, Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the WC semifinals and not one damn effective action has been taken against our criminal central banking system.

Yellowstone is well overdue, one singular CME event could wipe out satellite networks, wreak havoc to the power grid and send us back to the stone age

The first step in preparing for impending doom, as any prepper will tell you, is to get a decent bug out bag!

Mottowear Kevlar Jeans

Motto Wear Men's Debonair Jeans

Most experienced bike riders will tell you; it’s not “if” you go down, it’s when.

Mottowears debonair kevlar jeans is lined with soft abrasion resistant 100% DuPont Kevlar in all the vulnerable areas and looks fucking good while at it. They look exactly like “normal” jeans and good ones at that.

They are equipped with removable Sas-Tec kneepads and are most likely the most comfortable “motorcycle jeans” you’ll ever put on. Hell, even if you don’t ride a bike there are a multitude of uses for it in any type of extremesport, skateboarding or bouncing at nightclubs.