Xtreme Power Type-C + USB Powerbank 5000mAh White


With all the devices we carry around, the chances of running out of power can be a problem. The Xtreme Type-C and USB Power Bank offers 2 ways of recharging items when you need them. With 2 types of outputs, use your existing cables to repower compatible Type-C and USB devices with their original cables. Built into the power bank is a flashlight that can help locate things in the dark or a closet. A power indicator spotlights how much is retained in your bank and an LED display showcases it as it’s charging connected devices. With the included Micro-USB cable, you can repower your bank with a wall adapter or 5V charger. It can take up to 10 hours to recharge your portable bank. Repower your devices when you need them with the Type-C and USB Power Bank.• 2 Charging Ports: Our Power Bank features Type-C and USB charging ports to repower compatible devices like Android smartphones, Apple iPhones, tablets and other items. • Built-In Power Indicator: Your power bank keeps track of how much is retained after being charged and spotlights this while you’re using it to repower compatible items. • Portable For Easy Use: Take it on the go and use it at home, in your car or at your office with the same charging cables your devices utilize without a complicated setup. • Built-In Flashlight: If you need to find something in your car at night, in a dark closet or some underlit area, activate the flashlight on your bank and you can locate anything without issue. • Rechargeable: Use the included Micro-USB Cable and connect it to a port on your TV, computer or a compatible wall adapter to repower it. It will take up to 10 hours to fully charge.

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